Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! was born out of a love for animals. Founded by Chad Valiant in the Fall of 2016, Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! is named after Chad's two cats Chester & Leo. Originally envisioned as a small passion project, the company has expanded into what it is today.

Our three divisions are:

Chester Leo's Room (home decor)

Chester Leo's Favorite Food (healthy pet food)

Chester Leo's Favorite Activities (tips to keep your pet healthy and happy)

Chester Leo's Room

Our flagship store sells a carefully-curated selection of home decor aimed at the early teen/young adult market. However, adults who want to relive their childhood are certainly welcome! Each print represents a special memory from Chester Leo, Billy Hampton or another character in the Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! book series. Each memory captures a special moment between our characters and showcases the amazing bond between pets and their owners.

Chester Leo's Favorite Food (Coming Soon)

Currently in development, Chester Leo's Favorite Food will sell high-quality pet food in stores around the country.

Chester Leo's Favorite Activities

Primarily on social media, Chester Leo's Favorite Activities will offer tips to keep your pet healthy and happy.