The Storyline & Characters

Just West of St. Louis, Missouri lies the beautiful, tree-lined suburb of Clayton. With beautiful homes and winding streets, Clayton is an amazing place to live! Here, six main characters, and two supporting characters, embark on amazing adventures. Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!, is the star of the show! A cute, lovable Cocker Spaniel, he lives with an adorable ten year-old boy, Billy Hampton: The Considerate Lad!

Around the corner, the four fun-loving adopted brothers and sisters of the Rodifer family can be found. Tommy Rodifer: The Farcical Lad!, Noah Rodifer: The Cartographer Lad!, Cindy Rodifer: The Inquisitive Girl!, and Corey Rodifer: The Easygoing Lad!, round out this family of adopted children.

Seventy-two miles South of St. Louis, lies the small town of Potosi, Missouri. With beautiful lakes & thick forests, Potosi is an outdoor paradise, and the perfect spot for a group of children to enjoy Summer camp! This fun cast of characters will soon find themselves embarking on adventures which will span from St. Louis to Potosi and beyond.

Stay tuned!