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The Cast of Characters

Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!

Place of Birth: To Be Revealed One Day!

Our first character, and the star of the show is Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! This cute, adorable puppy dog lives with Billy Hampton: The Considerate Lad! The leader of The Chester Leo Gang of Misfits, Chester Leo leads his group on an adventure as they battle evil forces!

Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!

Billy Hampton: The Considerate Lad!

Place of Birth: Clayton, Missouri

This cute, adorable young lad has always wanted a cute puppy dog for a friend. Charming, sweet and considerate, Billy Hampton charms everyone with his sweet personality.

Kyle Hampton: The Impervious Lad!

Place of Birth: Clayton, Missouri

Billy's older brother, Kyle is a hip, cool lad who is very protective of his younger brother. With a distinct personality of his own, Kyle is the defender of the group with keen, watchful eyes.

Roger Hampton: The Vet Tech Lad!

Place of Birth: University City, Missouri

The handsome, sweet vet tech is Billy's eldest brother. He works at Waterman Veterinary, and has a passion for making sure his animal friends are in great health.

The Rodifer Family

The Rodifer family is a group of orphans adopted by The Rodifers. A tightly-knit family, the Rodifers live around the corner from the Hamptons.

Noah Rodifer: The Cartographer Lad!

Place of Birth: Hollywood, CA

This adorable boy is Billy's best friend and the brains of the group. Always carrying a satchel with a map in hand, Noah is the navigator of the group who navigates the group through danger!

Corey Rodifer: The Easygoing Lad!

Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany

Corey Rodifer is a sweet, easygoing lad. He is the "analyzer" of the group, and gets the group to see things from all possibilities before taking action. Best to step back, relax for a moment before going forward!

Cindy Rodifer: The Inquisitive Girl!

Place of Birth: Koh Samui, Thailand

The adopted sister of Noah, Corey and Tommy, Cindy is the "eyes" of the group. Her inquisitive personality enables her to capture valuable information, which she then relays to Noah for examination. With razor sharp instincts and curiosity, nothing gets past Cindy Rodifer: The Inquisitive Girl!

Tommy Rodifer: The Farcical Lad!

Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain

Tommy Rodifer is the fun one of the group. Scared to venture off with the group, Tommy is always overreacting to situations. But that's that makes him fun!

Chester Leo & The Haunted House of Clayton: Coming soon to a bookstore near you!