Pet Ownership Reaches New High in 2022!

April 17th, 2022

A survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) notes that for 2021-2022, pet ownership has reached a new high. In fact, over 70% of American households own a pet!

One cannot the deny the allure of owning a pet. To many, pets are part of the family. “Pet  Parent” is a new term which has quickly become a part of everyday vocabulary. Our pets are there for us during our darkest moments. They happily support us in trying times without asking for anything in return (well, maybe treats)! Their love is unconditional in the most genuine sense.

They greet us at the door, tail wagging in full mode when we come home from a long day at work. They snuggle up next to us on the couch as we watch a scary movie. They happily wake us up (often at a time which is far too early), in order to get their favorite breakfasts. To top it all off, they happily play with us on excursions to the park! It’s no wonder that most American households own a pet.

According to PetMD, the average indoor cat can live 15 years or longer. In addition, the average dog under 20 lbs. can live up to 15 years or longer, while the average dog over 20 lbs. can live up to 11 years or longer. Unfortunately, our lovable pets can often fall ill to various diseases and ailments. Kidney failure is quite common in cats, along with urinary tract infections. Heart disease, leukemia and kidney disease are also quite common in dogs.

While every pet will eventually pass, there are things we can do as pet owners to increase our pet’s quality and length of their life. Keeping our animals active is a key component of a healthy pet's life. Taking the dogs on regular walks and excursions to the park has been proven to provide immense benefits to our canine friends. Keeping our cats active by actively playing with them and even letting them run around the house (often called "the zoomies), has also been proven to be an effective means to keep our cats healthy.

Second, a healthy diet has been proven to be an essential component to keeping our pets healthy. Dogs need whole grains such as brown rice and protein in the form of meat or chicken. In addition, vitamins and minerals are a key component of ensuring your dog will have a healthy, long life. Cats need lots of protein. Depending on the cat, up to 40% of a cat’s diet should be healthy proteins. Healthy fats and vitamins and minerals also form a key component in a healthy cat’s diet.

The new formula from Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog can ensure that your pet gets the essential vitamins and minerals to lead a happy, healthy life. Two formulas will hit the market in late 2023. The “Redwood Forest” blend is a specially designed diet for dogs which will include all of the essential proteins and vitamins your dog needs. The “Cold Winter Night” is a special blend for cats which will also ensure that your cat has the healthy nutrients they need.

Unlike other pet food companies, our foods tell a story. Our entire product line is based on the book “Chester Leo & the Redwood Forest” (coming soon). Five adolescent boys venture off from the St. Louis suburb of Clayton, Missouri to the deep, treacherous Redwood Forest for the ultimate mission: an animal rescue of a lost Cocker Spaniel named Chester Leo, the Puppy Dog! What follows is a story of immense bravery, and a passion for animals.

Here at Chester Leo: the Puppy Dog, we don’t simply sell pet products. Our products tell a story and resonate a deep, emotional connection. Our pets are part of our family. Every day, pet ownership enhances our lives and tells a deep, emotional story.