What Age Range is the Book Targeted?

"Chester Leo & The Redwood Forest!" is targeted towards young adults (12 and up) and adults who want to re-live their adolescence. Please note that the book series generally falls into the PG-13 range and features certain themes which are not suitable for young children (monsters, dangerous situations, etc.).

What is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a full 30-day refund policy.


When Will I Receive My Canvas?

Canvas art is printed on demand. This ensures the utmost quality, as your canvas is printed once you order and shipped out within 3-4 business days.

Will I Receive A Tracking Number With My Purchase?

Once shipped, a tracking number will be emailed to you.


How Do I Contact You?

You can email at: hello@chesterleo.com. You will receive a response within 1 business day. You may also call (504) 867-8555 from 9 - 3 CST.