How to Decorate a Kid's Room - My Goal

The eight characters in Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!, were created in part to brighten up a child's room and bring a smile to their face. I wanted to create art that would enhance a child's room, and help create a space that is fun, while also being warm, cozy and inviting.

For me, decorating a child's room means adding fun, colorful artwork that brightens up a room. This artwork should complement bright, colorful paint colors, and create a space that is happy.

I wanted to create artwork that could spur a child's imagination. They could look at "Potosi Lake" for example, and imagine themselves camping with Corey, Cindy, & Noah Rodifer as they spend time with Billy Hampton & Chester Leo.

In a nutshell, I wanted to create works that would decorate a child's room with fun, colorful artwork that would spur the imagination, and create a fun, happy place.

-Chad Valiant

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