Creating A Funny Cartoon Character: The First Stage

The first stage of creating a funny cartoon character involves determining the personality of my character, along with the age, gender and race. I grab a note pad and brainstorm ideas. At this point, the specific name of the character is not so important. That can often take weeks to create, long after the personality, age, etc have been determined.

The personality, age, race and gender of any new characters are often influenced by those of existing characters. In short, I think about how any new character will fit in with and complement existing characters. For example, Corey Rodifer: The Easygoing Lad! is of course, very easygoing. A bit shy and soft spoken.

Also, it was very important to create a diverse group of cartoon characters from different ethnic backgrounds. There is a paucity of black cartoon characters, Asian cartoon characters, and hispanic cartoon characters today. I wanted children to see themselves in the Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! 

Once Corey Rodifer was created, I knew that the next character should be someone that complements him. Shortly thereafter, I began to brainstorm the character that would ultimately become Tommy Rodifer: The Farcical Lad! Tommy Rodifer is a bit of comic relief. I wanted him to be around the same age as Corey Rodifer.

Once I came up with an idea for Tommy Rodifer (I didn't have a name yet. More on that in future posts), it was time to flesh him out to make sure that he complemented Corey Rodifer and the other characters in Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! Universe.

In the next post, we'll go into the next stage of creating a funny cartoon character.

Thanks for reading,

-Chad Valiant


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