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Mission: Animal Rescue

Welcome to Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! Our products showcase the bond between humans and man's best friends (including dogs and cats alike)! Our products tell a story.

Picture: the tree-lined suburd of Clayton, Missouri. Billy Hampton is a young boy who's always wanted a dog. Around the corner live Billy's best friends: the Rodifer kids, a goup of tightly-knit adopted children.

Soon, they receive a message from Billy's dad, a veterinarian. A Cocker Spaniel puppy has gone lost hundreds of miles away in the treacherous Redwood Forest. This is the perfect chance for Billy and the Rodifer Kids to showcase their love for animals. Thus, bound together by a love of animals, they set off on this amazing journey.

Chest Leo & The Redwood Forest will be available in the Spring of 2023. Browse around for souvernirs, home decor and more. We have many exciting items and much more to come throughout 2023!

Say Hello To Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!

Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! Canvas Print

Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! Canvas Print

$45 $125

Our flagship character! A cute Cocker Spaniel lost deep within the Redwood Forest. How did he get there? What's his story? One thing is for sure: those puppy dog eyes and that adorable tail warm the hearts of anyone who's ever met this amazing pup!

This beautiful canvas features our main character Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! Printed on a gorgeous 16"x20" canvas with a beautiful slate background.

  • 16"x20"
  • Hanging hook attached
  • Accessories not included